Limited time only: free digital multimeter when you buy HIOKI’s BT3554 battery tester

For a limited time only: Get HIOKI’s most popular digital multimeter free of charge when you buy a HIOKI BT3554 battery tester

Nobody notices them when they work, but many people feel the effect when they fail: Batteries used as backup source or in energy storage systems. To ensure that they work properly, they need to be checked regularly. These checks are so important that an international standard includes this topic:

EN IEC 62485-2 (formerly EN 50272-2).

HIOKI’s BT3554 battery tester series is a trusted instrument designed for exactly this purpose: Two voltage ranges of 6V and 60V and four resistance ranges from 3mΩ to 3Ω make the BT3554 series the perfect tool for maintenance checks of VRLA batteries, regardless of the battery size and capacity. A complete measurement takes less than two seconds, making this battery tester perfect for use in difficult to reach and confined areas. Differently shaped probe leads are available for convenient access of all installations. An additional temperature sensor (9451S) is also available since temperature does impact the measurement results of battery measurements.

An optional Bluetooth transmitter (Z3210) allows for communication with a smartphone or tablet. Combined with HIOKI’s free “Gennect Cross” app, measurement data is automatically transferred to the smart device. Additionally, pass / fail profiles can be transferred from the smart device to the battery tester, giving the service technician additional audible feedback after every measurement about the pass / fail result. This is especially useful when series of measurements are made in confined spaces because batteries that need to be replaced can be identified on the spot. The Bluetooth transmitter is included in the BT3554-9x models and can be added to the BT3554-5x models at any time.

Limited time offer

Whether you choose a BT3554 model with Bluetooth transmitter or without, and whether you choose a model including a straight (9465-10) or an L-shaped test probe (L2020) - you will additionally get a HIOKI DT4256 digital multimeter free of charge if you purchase a promotional BT3554 model at Batenburg Applied Technologies. Contact us for information about and conditions about this limited offer.

HIOKI’s most popular digital multimeter