Improvement of breast cancer treatment with Sirius Pintuition

Using innovative technology to improve breast cancer treatment and minimize damage to healthy tissue

Sirius Medical developed a non-radioactive system that makes locating and surgical removal of non-palpable breast tumors more comfortable for the patient. During the treatment, a magnetic marker is positioned within non-palpable breast tumors. Using the high accurate Sirius Pintuition system, the marker, and with it the tumor, are located after which the tumor can be surgically removed. This pinpoint approach optimizes the surgery, allowing surgeons to navigate towards the tumor more precisely and minimizing damage to healthy tissue.

Involved in the production of the Pintuition system

Sirius obtained the CE mark for the Pintuition system in 2021 and is now taking steps to acquire the UL recognition. Both certifications demonstrate our mutual commitment as well as the safety and quality of the system.

About Sirius Medical

Sirius Medical, founded in February 2017, is a spin-out of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and the University of Twente (UT). Their goal is to improve the health of cancer patients with innovative yet affordable solutions that enable the precise and efficient surgical removal of tumors. For more information, visit:

See how the system works in this video: