A medical blower from Micronel that is 100% oxygen resistant

The U65MN-024KS-6 high-performance blower 

In medical applications where ventilation, respiration, or another form of oxygen transport is used, the installed blower has to be properly tested on hygiene and has to have an outstanding longevity. Fluctuating humidity levels and water particles play an important role in the certification process.

For these type of applications, Micronel developed the U65MN-024KS-6, a high-performance blower component that meets the strict medical standards according to ISO 18562. To ensure absolute reliability, Micronel tested the blower for more than 20,000 hours in a climate chamber at 45°C with exposure to pure oxygen. The blower delivered outstanding performances, withstanding the most aggressive effects of pure oxygen environments without corrosion.

The blower can be operated dynamically, has a very low vibration and noise emission, and steady pressure and flow characteristics. All these characteristics make the blower a perfect and versatile solution for use in medical applications that transport air with high oxygen concentrations.

This is just one example of the many solutions that Batenburg Applied Technologies provides for medical device manufacturers. Interested parties in the Benelux are free to contact us for information about Micronel’s product line of blowers for use in air pressure, vacuum and flow equipment.