Achieve excellent thermal management in energy storage systems

The rapid reduction of fossil fuels and the transition to low-carbon green energy have led to the design of new energy sources, large battery energy storage systems, and other renewable energy innovations. Many of these solutions transport and store large amounts of electrical energy, which inevitably generate heat. Without proper cooling the involved systems will overheat, causing ineffectiveness or even a failure. Dissipating this heat efficiently is crucial for reliability of the system.

To achieve this, a well thought out thermal management plan is of great importance when you design and build devices for energy production, storage, and consumption. Proper heat dissipation with proven technology and reliable thermal components ensure optimal system performances and also improve the reliability of electrical components and the electrical grid in general.

“Batenburg Applied Technologies offers you cooling solutions from industry leading manufacturers, such as SUNON. Their cooling fans and cooling modules ensure high-quality heat dissipation performances in countless industrial and commercial applications.”

Cooling solutions that tackle even the most challenging thermal questions

Whether you use a standard or custom cooling design in your application, together with SUNON we are able to deliver thermal management solutions and innovative heat dissipation technology for almost every branch of industry. With a rich history in thermal management products, and a state of the art research and development strategy, SUNON is able to get impressive performances out of their fans, blowers and cooling modules.

With these products, and supported by a full range of services, our customers achieve maximum thermal optimization in their energy storage systems, inverters and other renewable energy innovations. Thanks to the high level of attention for dust and water protection, even with the use of corrosion resistant materials, we are able to deliver solid heat dissipation solutions that have to perform in harsh environments all over the world.

Batenburg Applied Technologies: a conductive factor in thermal management

Finding a suitable cooling solution is one of the challenges manufacturers of electrical systems have to take into account from an early design stage. Batenburg Applied Technologies plays a leading role in the creation of industry leading thermal designs and airflow management solutions.

Let us know what type of cooling solution your application needs. We’d love to hear if we can offer you valuable thermal components for your product. Contact us for more information or share your user case with our engineers. Together we’ll figure out the best solution for renewable energy systems and other progressive applications.