Advantages of an intelligent industrial display solution

Automation, robotics and centrally controlled applications are common steps in an interconnected and data gathering society that is utilizing Industry 4.0 possibilities. In this situation the link between operator and machine is more important than ever. Today’s amount of control options, the need for real-time data visualization and machine conditions ask for a high resolution yet compact touch display to be integrated in the machines design. This not only reduces the amount of physical buttons, but also helps keeping interfaces clear and less complicated.

“The benefits of high resolution graphics are not only seen in commercial usage, but also in a growing number of industrial applications.”

But there is a catch. In most industrial devices the simple microcontroller is more than capable to handle device management tasks, but it is almost certain that generating high resolution graphics and touch control functionality require a more powerful solution.

To tackle this issue, you can use a higher-end microcontroller, more memory, but most likely not use all the potential of this hardware. Or you can solve this problem by merging the video processing unit with the display, so the image is processed by the display itself. Our partner Riverdi developed the EVE4 series of intelligent displays using this embedded video engine philosophy.

Display with BT817Q graphics controller

Display with BT817Q graphics controller

The engineers of Riverdi selected the Bridgetek BT817Q graphics controller to handle the graphics calculations of the display. This controller, also known as Embedded Video Engine Generation 4, offers support for high resolutions. This means the whole line of displays, from 3.5" low resolution, to 10.1" high resolution, is designed around the same chip.

Other interesting features are the effective data interchange with the ILITEK ILI2132A capacitive touch controller and the addition of an on-board audio amplifier, resulting in an intelligent touch display for countless industrial, medical and retail applications.

EVE4 display formats and resolutions

Riverdi EVE4 displays are available with QSPI and SPI interface, with or without capacitive touch, optical or air bonding, various touch screen shapes and mounting options, and a brightness between 1.000 and 800 cd/m2 depending on touch and bonding technology.

A solid and versatile HMI-solution for many years to come

Programming a user friendly interface is also key to your products success. There are multiple easy to use and organized software libraries available for programming EVE4 displays, which are valued by many engineers. What is also crucial, is that the EVE4 line is equipped with a modern IPS display, offering a number of optical advantages in terms of wide viewing angles, colors and brightness, making this intelligent display a well thought out choice for many years to come.

Connect with the solutions of Batenburg Applied Technologies

With today’s variety of machines and applications, there is no one-size-fits-all Human-Machine Interface. Therefore, designing products with a robust and user-friendly interface is one of many challenges engineers face. Selecting and utilizing the right display and touch component to control and monitor applications are areas in which our Center of Expertise plays a leading role.

Let us know what you think of the Riverdi EVE4 series. We’d love to hear if this intelligent display is a valuable HMI component for your designs. Contact us for more information or share your user case with our engineers.