Fully customizable and durable control panels for any industry

Seritronic control panels and front panels

Manually operated equipment and machines rely on flawless control panels as part of the Human-Machine Interface. Using the wrong components or materials in your panel design can lead to failure or downtime, especially when critical requirements are being overlooked. Therefore, it is safe to say that for most type of machines and applications there is no one-size-fits-all panel solution.

Silicone industrial control panelThis is why many machine and equipment builders design their control panels from the ground up. Depending on the application and product requirements, finding the right panel solution for your equipment can be a challenge. A quest in which Batenburg Applied Technologies can play a leading role, focusing on functionality, application, durability, and product design.

With the addition of Seritronic to our powerhouse of brands, we can deliver customized silicone or membrane control panels and front panels for any application or industry. Our engineers assist you in every stage of the development, ensuring simple integration, flawless functionality, button feedback, and the best quality possible.

"By adding this solution to our portfolio of displays and controllers, we are able to deliver even more unique Human-Machine Interfaces for system integrators and machine builders."

Using different materials to design the best suitable control panel

Using different materials to design the best suitable control panel

The materials used in control panels have a huge impact on the products ease of use and lifespan. Therefore, the choice of materials, user functionality and application environment are returning checkpoints in all phases of development.

The available materials all have their own characteristics, offering many design options which can be combined to achieve the right visual effect and user experience. For example, membrane keyboards are very suitable in industries that have high demands on ease of use, robustness, and easy cleaning.

Panel prototypes before going into mass production

Acrylic control panel with touchIt is also possible to create prototype concepts for assembly companies who already have a drawing or existing product. This makes it easier to verify your products control panel before going into mass production. With this service, designers can get a good idea of the functionality and look and feel of the finished panels.

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