Wind sensor with integrated LED obstruction light

The FSG wind sensor with integrated LED obstruction light takes sensor innovation to a higher level

In close consultation with machine builders and operators, FSG Fernsteuergeräte - one of our suppliers of measurement and sensor technology - developed a magnetic wind sensor with an integrated LED obstruction light. This solution not only saves space in the already confined area at the highest point of crane systems, wind turbines or other aviation obstacles but also contributes to a better visibility and higher accuracy, as both devices can no longer influence each other due to windage or shadows. This two-in-one solution also helps to reduce installation and maintenance costs. Therefore, its use is recommended wherever both components are applied together.

Wind sensor with durable technology for all weather conditions

Wind sensor with durable technology for all weather conditions

Universally applicable wind measuring devices must be able to function at high altitudes and in demanding weather conditions. Therefor, the sensor has an IP66 degree of protection, three robust wind shells, and two high-quality redundant LED arrays, ensuring long-term and stable operation. An electronic internal heater protects components against freezing and icing.

Mounting the wind sensor with integrated LED obstruction light for use in moving applications is done with a flange and three fastenings. A central mounting for non-moving objects is also available. When installed, both wind sensor and obstruction light are always held in the upright position thanks to a pendulum.

The sensor also complies with all relevant regulations and standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, as well as the General Administrative Regulation on the Identification of Aeronautical Obstacles and can therefore be used without restriction for marking aviation obstacles such as cranes, wind turbines or buildings.

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