Damen and Batenburg place humans at the heart of the CSD600

At the end of 2023, shipbuilder Damen Dredging Equipment presented its latest cutter suction dredger, the CSD600, to the general public. This dredging vessel for inland waters is the first model from the new CSD series. The ship has been completely redesigned to meet today's requirements, with a strong emphasis on the safety of the crew, comfort, and ease of operation.

One of the key elements of this redesign is the ergonomic operator seat with control consoles. This part of the dredger is the result of an intensive collaboration with the Controllers & Sensors division of Batenburg Applied Technologies. The new seat proved to be a significant improvement over the old setup in the wheelhouse. During the preliminary stages, various industrial joysticks were reviewed, but ultimately a complete seat combination was preferred. A smart move, as this combination can also be added in future CSD models.

Operator seat for dredger vessels

The new operator seat for the DAMEN CSD 600 dredger. 

The transition to a centrally positioned operator seat, with all controls within easy reach, makes operating the CSD600 simpler and more manageable. Solutions like these, implemented by Damen Dredging Equipment, place humans at the center of a working environment where increasingly more information systems are added and processes are automated. The ergonomic seat simultaneously enhances comfort for the operator, contributing to safety and ease of operation on the water.

HMI solutions for maritime industries

The position of the chair provides a good overview of the situation.

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